Baby Naming Ceremony

Many parents these days are having a fun and informal baby naming day either at home or at one of Melbourne’s wonderful locations. Usually it is simply because they don’t want a religious ceremony, but still want to celebrate their child in a special and significant way!

Here are just some of the reasons parents might want to have a baby naming day:

  • You may want to present your child to your family and friends.
  • You may want to express your hopes and dreams for your child’s future.
  • You may want to publicly affirm your commitment to being a loving and caring parent.
  • You may want to share your happiness and delight.
  • You may have adopted a child or maybe you are blending families with a new partner.
  • You may wish to thank someone who has had a special role in the child’s life, such as a surrogate mother.
  • Maybe your child is no longer a baby and wants his or her own special name.

What better way to celebrate than to have a joyful baby naming ceremony with family and friends? I will work with you to develop a memorable and enjoyable occasion. Afterwards, I will present you with a personalised Naming Certificate you can keep or gift to your child.

Any questions at all, please contact me.