Renewal Of Vows Ceremony

Many couples decide to renew their wedding vows some time after their marriage.

I have actually had a renewal of vows ceremony with my husband and found it to be very special and worthwhile.

There are lots of reasons why you and your partner might choose to renew your vows:

  • Maybe you had a small, private wedding and now you want to affirm the happiness of your marriage to a larger circle of friends and family.
  • Maybe your marriage has come through some challenging times and you are proud to take this opportunity to celebrate your strength as a couple.
  • Maybe you have reached a significant milestone in your marriage and you just want your friends and family to know how in love you are!
  • A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to include your friends, children, and even grandchildren, in restating the importance of your life partnership.

I will work with you to develop a personalised and meaningful ceremony. Afterwards, I will present you with a special “Renewal of Vows Certificate” keepsake.

Please contact me with any enquiries.