Surprise Wedding Ritual

Imagine the guests’ surprise when the groomsmen produced a trestle, log and handsaw for a German wedding ritual called a Baumstamm Sägen.  By working together to saw the log, the couple show how much co-operation and harmony they bring to their marriage and that by working together they can overcome all obstacles! Cheered on by their guests, Liesa and Ravi worked smoothly and persistently to saw their log in half. It was a wonderful way to show their marriage was off to a fine start!

We do!

Smiles of joy all around as Alistair and Kellie say “I do!” Two years to the day since they first met in London, this very happy international couple tied the knot and welcomed in the Spring in the beautiful Alexandra Gardens yesterday.

Many trips to Thailand later ….

Gavin was overjoyed when his lovely fiancée Kusuma agreed to come to Australia to marry him. It is a big step to leave one’s culture and family, but both the bride and the groom are very much looking forward to making a happy life together here and to travel back to Thailand when they can.

Here Comes the Bride

I love this moment. After all the preparation, the waiting, the entrance music, the arrival of the flower girl and page boy, then the bridesmaid, there is a wonderful build up of anticipation …. and the bride makes her appearance!

Ready and waiting …

Chloe & Alex 1 Chloe & Alex 3 (3)

The chuppah is adorned with roses and the marriage certificates are waiting to be signed. I love this time of anticipation and preparedness, just before the groom and his groomsmen arrive and before the wedding guests have started to assemble. The Yarra Ranges Estate was a superb setting for Chloe and Alex’s joyous wedding on Saturday.

From Cambodia with love

To move away from family, friends and her small Cambodian villMatthew & Chantrea 2age to be married to Matthew, the man she loves, Chantrea showed enormous courage and commitment. She also had to get used to some strange wedding rituals such as throwing her bouquet to the single guests. There were smiles all round as they exchanged vows and wedding rings.

Catching dreams

Marcella & Victor 1


This beautiful dream catcher framed Marcella and Victor’s wedding and captured all the wishes for their happiness that flew around them.  Amidst the smiles of close friends and family from all parts of the world, they exchanged their marriage vows while standing beneath the spreading old oak tree in the grounds of Heide.

A Tale as Old as Time

ScotLisa & Scottt and Lisa chose a beautiful wood-panelled library as the setting for their wedding, so what better place for their rings to be than in a book! The book is appropriately titled A Tale as Old as Time and inside it, we find the words: “Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life …. Love gives us a Fairy Tale”. Thanks to the manoeuverings of friends who knew they were meant for each other – if only their meeting could be arranged – the fairy tale became a true story!

The Beat of her Heart

AdaMelissa & Adam 1m is the beat of Melissa’s heart – and the time felt right to get married. Framed by the city skyline and a background of flowers spelling the word Love, the happy bride and groom literally tied the knot in a hand fasting wedding ritual before exchanging vows in front of their family and friends.

Australian Autumn Wedding

Framed by autumn leaves in the garden of his family home, Jesse joyfully exchanged wedding vows with his beautiful Japanese bride, Kana. They look forward to a marriage filled with laughter, trust and love.

Jesse & Kana 3


Infinitesimal odds

Who could have imagined that a young man from Brazil would meet the love of his life, a young man from Melbourne, under the Shard in London? The odds were infinitesimal and yet it happened. Excited by the recent change to Australian Marriage Law, Fabiano and Cameron came here to be legally married in a beautiful and emotional family ceremony. Next year, they are off to the Greek island of Naxos to continue the celebrations.

Give Me A Wedding Among the Gum Trees

Celia & Damien 4

Gum trees and blue hills of this Bullengarook property made a stunning setting for a wedding. Guests basked in the late afternoon sun as they watched the elegant bride and handsome groom “tie the knot” and exchange the vows that they had written for each other. Their little dog, Yoshi, brought them their wedding rings.

Rainbow weddings

rainbow flag

It’s been a long time coming, but as of tomorrow, 9th December 2017, the definition of marriage is now legally “the union between two people”. From now, all couples who wish to marry can now lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage with the celebrant of their choice and marry one month later. I’m looking forward to celebrating with many happy couples who will now be free, by law, to be married in Australia.

Wedding Cambodian-style












Earlier this month I was in Cambodia admiring the lavishly decorated costumes used in royal weddings and the different coloured dresses for each day of the week. This morning, a young man met me to discuss a future wedding with his lovely Cambodian fiancee whom he is working to bring here on a Prospective Spouse Visa. He showed me the photos from their engagement party in Cambodia and I was amazed to see how many ornate and varied changes of dress they had.  Certainly, decorative and colourful wedding outfits are central to a Cambodian-style wedding.