Weddings & Marriages

Your wedding is special and unique! Naturally, you feel excited, but maybe also a little overwhelmed!  You want your ceremony to be meaningful, dignified, joyous, memorable and fun – all at the same time!

You know what you don’t want, but you may feel less certain about how to express the emotions and significance you do feel. This is where I can really help you.  I love to work with couples to develop a marriage ceremony that is personal and the “right” style just for you – whether relaxed and simple; traditional and formal; or even a bit “out there”!

I’ve organised my wedding and marriage pages into the following sections which I hope make sense to you. Just click on the titles to go to that section.

1. Weddings: Walk Through Guide

As it sounds, this is a walk through of the process I will go through with you, from our first consultation, right through to the feedback I ask from you after you are married.

2. Wedding ‘FAQ’ Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Over the years there have been several questions which couples ask me a lot, so I have attempted to convey this information conveniently in one place in this section.

3. My Weddings Blog

This section is for me, a lovely walk down memory lane. And for you I hope, a great chance to see me in action and get a feel for what I offer as a Melbourne marriage celebrant.

4. Wedding Ceremony Photo Gallery

What Melbourne marriage celebrant website would be complete without a healthy dose of beautiful wedding photos!? Well, I am confident mine is the largest gallery in Melbourne of its kind and it is right here for your enjoyment.

5. Wedding Cermony Video Gallery

In this section I include my collection of Melbourne wedding ceremony videos. Grab the popcorn and settle in.

6. Wedding Ceremony Ideas

This section is a ‘catch-all’ for articles I write from time to time about aspects of marriage and weddings such as: wedding rituals ideas, readings and music, Melbourne wedding venues, and my own personal reflections on life, marriage and cermonies.

7. Wedding Testimonials

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating! This section is a collection of some heart-felt and very flattering feedback I have received from happy couples over the years.

Once again, please contact me here if you have any questions or just want to talk to me as a prospective Melbourne marriage celebrant.