Marriage Equality


At last, on December 9 2017, the Marriage Act 1961 was amended to provide for marriage equality. this means that the right to marry will be available to all adults and no longer determined by sex or gender. The definition of marriage will now be: “The union of two people to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life”.
As a celebrant for over 10 years, I have always been sympathetic to the desire of same sex couples to celebrate, and publicly affirm, their life-long love and commitment for each other. In that time, I have celebrated a number of what have been called commitment ceremonies for loving couples. How wonderful for them, that they can now make a personal choice about the kind of marriage ceremony they want. They will also have options about using terms like “husband”, “wife”, “spouse” or “partner”, regardless of sex or gender, when filling in forms related to their marriage and saying their vows during the wedding ceremony.